Nature Conservation – An extract from the common candidate’s manifesto


The following is the “Nature Conservation” section of “A Compassionate Maithri Governance — A Stable Country“, the manifesto of Maithripala Sirisena. The text appears on page 31-32 of the document.


  • I will prepare the background for preventing the destruction of forestation and conserving sensitive ecological systems in order to protect forests and forest animals. All environmental laws will be implemented without reservation and in doing so offenders will be punished irrespective of their standing in society. A clear policy on forest cultivation will be formulated and implemented without prejudice to the traditional livelihoods of the rural community.
  • I will take responsible steps to conserve territories recognised by law as reserve zones and secure their boundaries.
  • Zones that are environmentally sensitive and under threat of destruction at present will be identified and protected.
  • Environmentally vital zones already destroyed or facing extinction will be restored using the latest scientific knowledge available in the world.
  • Flora and Fauna Act will be strictly implemented without fear of favour.
  • Environmental assessment will be made compulsory at the initial conceptual stage itself of development projects.
  • Necessary steps will be taken to identify and protect environmental zones that are valuable and facing destruction at present.
  • I will formulate and implement a national policy on the prevention of threats to rural people from wild animals. Included in it will be a special programme to manage the wild elephant threat that has become a burning issue.
  • I will formulate a national policy that could face modern ecological challenges. Programmes will be activated to minimise various disasters and accidents caused by climatic changes such as drought, forest fires, floods, landslides, typhoons, tornados and sea erosion.
  • In order to work out and implement methodologies to minimise accidents Disaster Management Centres will be systematically established at each Divisional Secretary Office so that a productive alliance could be maintained with relevant agencies.

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