A national power base of environmental organizations that work collaboratively towards conserving Sri Lanka’s environment.


The FEO shall strive to be an umbrella organization for the conservation community in Sri Lanka so that its members can effectively share their individual knowledge and expertise; and leverage on the strength created by their numbers in protecting the country’s environment, as a unified group.

FEO will allow preserving the individual identity and activities of its member organizations and individuals. Further, FEO will encourage and support independent capacity building of its member organizations. FEO works towards conserving Sri Lanka’s environment by building a membership that consist of environmental groups, research bodies and individuals working in environmental conservation and pooling their resources and expertise.

FEO is the primary platform for investment in the direction of environmental conservation. Connecting different interest groups and allowing environmentalists to consistently organize, mobilize and draw on co-member expertise to campaign against environmental destruction.

FEO will engage in campaigns that are vital for the sustainability of the island’s environment. Environmental issues will be individually evaluated and actions may be taken by some of the member organizations or collectively

Read the FEOSL trust deed here.


  • Dr. Rishani Gunasinghe
  • Sunela Jayewardene
  • Rukshan Jayewardene
  • Rahula Perera
  • Radhika Philip
  • Sharmini Ratwatte
  • Rohan Wijesinha
  • Arittha Wikramanayake


Co Group

  • Dr. Prithiviraj Fernando
  • Dr. Sumith Pilapitiya
  • Dr. Eric Wikramanayake
  • Jehan Canekaratne
  • Manori Gunawadena


Principal objectives of the FEO

  • To form an umbrella organization for the conservation community in Sri Lanka that will report, prioritize and lobby for the effective conservation of SL environment and will be capable of countering all threats to the country’s environment as a single, unified voice.
  • Form an organization that is representative of the majority of the conservation community
  • Respond consistently to threats to Sri Lankan environment
  • Assimilation, Collation and dissemination of reliable data on environment and its issues
  • Create awareness amongst the general population, children, youth and the politicians of the country of the threats facing the environment and articulation of the consequences of its loss to them.
  • Identifying and empowering member organizations by recognizing, respecting & nurturing their skills.
  • Create an annual forum for the conservation community.
  • Create a ‘watchdog’ network throughout Sri Lanka.

Reach out to us via the email addresses or phone number below.

For campaign related matters: coordinate@feosl.org
For general inquiries: contact@feosl.org